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Cole Freeman
Cole Freeman.
Age 32-47
Gender Male
Nature Human
Organisation DPA
Relatives N/A
Fate Determinate
Skills Assistant Researcher
Researcher (Nathan acting as Executive Director)
Performance Kadeem Hardison
I hate to bother you when you're playing and all, but, uh... I'm afraid it's time, honey.

Cole Freeman (born August 5, 1967) is a supporting character in Beyond: Two Souls.

Character InformationEdit

Cole Freeman is a government paranormal researcher, working with Nathan Dawkins to treat as well as study Jodie as a child. Cole does act as an authority figure in Jodie's life, but is more akin to a protective brother. He has shown to deeply care for Jodie, and is willing to do anything to help her.


  • He gives Jodie the nickname "Princess".
  • Kadeem Hardison let slip at the Beyond: Two Souls Comi-con 2012 panel that Cole Freeman raises Jodie. It's not currently known if Cole Freeman is Jodie's surrogate father in every version of the game playthrough.
  • If Cole dies in the chapter Black Sun, Jodie will lay a picture of a little princess wearing a gold crown on his grave. His tombstone will have August 5, 1967-November 14, 2014 engraved on it.
    • Alternatively, should Cole live, he will instead receive the picture in the mail.


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